In today’s environment it has become more important than ever for businesses to have close relationships with their technology specialists.  For both day-to-day operations and emergencies it is imperative to be able to rely on skilled professionals to manage, upgrade and troubleshoot your network.

At Sierra Technology & Consulting our goal is to develop close, ongoing relationships with our clients.  We strive to add value to our clients by maximizing their IT investments and offering guidance throughout their IT life cycle.  Wherever possible we help identify areas for clients to realize additional efficiencies and productivity given their current infrastructure and offer innovative, effective solutions for new projects.

Sierra Technology maintains a staff of highly skilled professionals as well as partnerships with trusted and proven names in the technology industry such as Microsoft, Dell, HP and AVG.  We value our reputation for offering superior service and reasonable pricing options.  Whatever your technology needs—network solutions, hardware and software acquisition, IT maintenance, general repairs or troubleshooting—Sierra Technology is here to help.

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