Recent Network Infection & How to Avoid It

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Here at Sierra Technology & Consulting, we’ve recently seen a high number of infections in multiple client networks. This particular infection is causing severe data corruption. Sierra Technology techs have personally dealt with these infections on a number of occasions. We want to provide our clients and others the most up-to-date information so they can keep their networks safe.

These particular infections have been coming through email and can be either an attachment or a link to a file. It’s important to remind everyone to not open any links or attachments unless you are positive it is valid. This can be tricky as many of these links and attachments are coming from what appear to be valid senders. The actual sender masks the email address so it appears the messages is coming from a trusted source such as a financial institution, insurance company, or a fax vendor. Often it’s even a vendor you do business with, making it even more difficult to distinguish a false email.

The most recent infections we have seen came through as links to a DropBox file where the infection was held. Once these links are opened the file automatically downloads and infects the PC along with any network files it can access, creating havoc on your company network. These infections are particularly damaging as they encrypt all local data along with any data in mapped drives, which can result  in loss of unsaved work and cost the company money to get data back from backup along with cleaning up the infected PCs.

To help combat these infections, STAC has blocked all zip files on our spam filters to prevent these files from easily getting through. We did not block all links in every email as this would cause a large number of valid emails to be blocked. To help keep your network free of infection, we ask that you do not open any links or attachments that you are not expecting from the sender.

These infections have already changed how they get into the network a number of times and we will continue to provide updates as we discover new ways they are getting through.

We appreciate your help in keeping your network clean and data safe.

Thank you,
Sierra Technology & Consulting Staff

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