Hosted Video

Sierra Automation & Security Video combines the power of the internet with IP video technology to securely store and manage your video offsite in a protected, secure environment so it will be available to you whenever you need it on any device connected to the internet. Gone are the days of expensive and unreliable DVRs, Sierra Automation & Security’s cloud-based system delivers all your video directly to a secure data center using your existing broadband infrastructure.

  • Access to live and recorded material from anywhere
  • Safe and secure video transmission, storage and retrieval
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Minimal maintenance expense
  • Wide range of network cameras that meet your requirements


Traditional analog CCTV solutions typically require a significant upfront investment to obtain a working video security system. Sierra Automation & Security Video services can help minimize your investment while providing powerful video surveillance and intelligence through cloud-based technology that’s easy to manage and even easier to use.

For your convenience, Sierra Automation & Security offers a wide range of Axis IP video surveillance cameras that are fully compatible with the v Video hosting platform. You can benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – including pan/tilt/zoom controllable cameras and megapixel/HDTV resolution technology, all with power over Ethernet (POE) on board, reducing installation time and costs by eliminating the need for separate camera power supplies and power cables

The Sierra Automation & Security hosted video solution allows you to leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based video services by eliminating the need for a separate digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) at each location. Reducing the amount of onsite hardware allows you to invest in what matters most, a higher-quality and secure video image. By enabling video surveillance and storage in the cloud, you’ll lower both your capital investment in physical security technology and your total overall cost of ownership.

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